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Background and Identification

Released in January 2013, the Panasonic HC-V110 is a handheld recording device that comes bundled with a charging cable and portable battery pack. A SD card must be purchased separately.

Its most popular feature includes an Intelligent 72x zoom allowing for distant objects to be brought up extremely close just by the click of a button. There are a variety of other features, which include a BSI Sensor, still-picture recording, intelligent Auto Mode, image stabilization, and Eye-Fi compatibility.

External features include a hand strap located on the right side allowing for a tight and comfortable grip. The door located on the left side makes protection of the screen and buttons possible. The device without the battery pack and SD card only weighs 181 grams which allows for mobilization to be very easy. It is sold in three standard colors including black, silver, and red.

Identification of this specific recording device from similar ones can be difficult; however, the easiest way to do so externally is by the "HC-V110" printed on the door. Another determining factor could be the relative size of the device itself- it is much smaller than others like it. Internal identification can be achieved by noting the unique 72x zoom feature.

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