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2012 MacBook Pro not working despite full battery

My husband tried to turn it on & nothing. I checked it by plugging it into the external power & the plug lit green so the battery is charged but that’s the only good thing. While I have fixed the I mac, it never did function despite all the repairs. So I’m just wondering what can be done if anything. I’ve got my MacBook that won’t work, an iPad so old it won’t upgrade past IOS 12 & an IPhone XR that won’t connect to WiFi anymore! My electronic life sucks! I can’t connect to my chime bank account my only account, I’ve got a final fantasy game that’s getting ripped to shreds because I can’t get on line & my whole financial & vpn security is in shambles!!!

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I will try your suggestion. Nothing happens. It’s like the Silence of the Lambs.


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I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles. Regarding the MacBook Pro, what happens when you try to power it on? Is there any response from the device? If the machine is unable to power on, you should try an SMC reset. You can find instructions for that here. It that doesn't help, you will need to open the device to do some hardware troubleshooting to determine whether or not the issue is due to the battery or some other failed component. Good luck!

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We had a problem with the cord where it was cracking. I noted the instructions where it stated that the cord had to be in good shape. I was going to order a new one anyway. Except when it would not start I thought “ why bother” wrong! I should have ordered it anyway. The prices at Amazon dropped though & I got it for 19 instead of $25. And guess what? It started right up! My dreams came true! I am out of the dark ages again!!! Thank you for telling me about that page!!!


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