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the Bluebird Sylphy G10 (N16) was sold as the Sunny Neo in Thailand and as the Sunny in Hong Kong, Kenya, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the People's Republic of China.

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لماذا سيارتي تقف في نصف الطريق فجأة!

لماذا تقف سيارتي في تصف الطريق

Google translate:

Why does my car stop in the middle of the road all of a sudden!

Why is my car parked in the middle of the road?

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The gas pedal separates the 2011 Nissan Sunny

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حساس الهواء او فلتر الهواء. عن تجربة


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There could be a number of reasons why a car might stop suddenly in the middle of the road. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Fuel system issues: If your car is running low on gas or has a clogged fuel filter, it might suddenly stop running.
  2. Electrical problems: If your car's battery or alternator is malfunctioning, it might cause the car to shut down suddenly.
  3. Overheating: If your car's engine is overheating, it might shut down to prevent damage.
  4. Transmission problems: If your car's transmission is failing or has a fluid leak, it might cause the car to stop suddenly.
  5. Other mechanical issues: There are a number of other mechanical problems that could cause a car to stop suddenly, such as a broken timing belt or a seized engine.

It's important to have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic if you're experiencing any issues with it, especially if it's suddenly stopping in the middle of the road.

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