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Repair for LED, incandescent, and other handheld electric light sources.

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when adding batteries to flashlight doesn't work why?

when adding new batteries to my flash light it doesn't work at all how can i fix this problem ?

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Hi Teddy,

Flashlights are pretty simple devices, and there are generally only a few things that can go wrong and cause them not to work. In order of likelihood, they are:

  1. Dead batteries - you should have eliminated this by putting new batteries in.
  2. Dead light bulb - If it's an incandescent bulb, the filament burning out is usually what happens, but if it's an LED, it can fail.
  3. Switch - switches are mechanical in nature and all kinds of things can go wrong with them; the contacts can get corroded or bent, or else wires can break.
  4. Battery contacts - If batteries get left in the flashlight for a long time, they can leak corrosive acids that form a coating on the wires that touch either end of the battery and keep them from making contact.

If it's an incandescent bulb, check the filament; if it's broken you'll need a new bulb. If the bulb is good, check the battery contacts; there's usually a spring at the bottom and the top usually touches the button on the bottom of the bulb. Look for corrosion; if you find some you can clean it with sandpaper or steel wool.

Other than that, the switch is the only thing left. Mechanisms vary, but all of them have one purpose; to connect the battery to the bulb. A piece of wire can be used to bypass the switch to see if that's the problem; take a nice long bare strip and put it at the bottom of the flashlight where it'll be caught between the battery and the spring contact, then run it up the side and wrap it around the part that touches the side of the bulb. Put the bulb holder back on and see if it comes on when you do. If so, you've found the problem as being a bad switch.

So take it apart, figure out the parts and trace down which one is the problem. That's basically all we do here; it's just that some people have more experience at it, but everyone started somewhere, like figuring out why their flashlight doesn't work.

Good luck, Teddy, and let us know what you find!

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Just to add that they may have to be inserted the correct way as well, polarity wise, more so if 2 or more batteries are required or if the flashlight has a LED light


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I think the newer batteries have a flat post instead of the longer nipple posts so that they don’t make good contact. Is it possible that the structure of the newer batteries are designed for todays battery operated products?

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I don't actually think this is the case; batteries have been around for a very long time and are pretty standardized by now. I would think that any manufacturer that started changing the dimensions of a battery would find themselves out of the market very quickly when people started finding that their batteries didn't work or fit correctly in any given product.


I have a torch that will only work if I fold up some tin foil and place it between the battery and spring. However, it cannot be switched off, can you please tell me how to resolve this issue please.


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