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How to make a bottabal usb and how to install

Can't install windows from a usd

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Hello @mdotty, to create windows 10/11 bootable USB you need to first download the tool from Microsoft click for which one you need Windows 10, Windows 11. Also note the process is almost identical for both OS. When you get to the page, click "Download Now" and download the "Media Creation Tool" At this point you want a 8GB+ USB drive. Plug in your drive and open the software, allow admin level access (if prompted), wait for it to get ready, accept the notices and license terms, chose desired settings, click USB flash drive, select your drive (IT WILL WIPE IT), and wait. With the install media created you want to unplug, and bring the drive to your Lenovo (or reboot it if your using it to create the media) and plug it in. Now your going to shut of the laptop, and turn it back off and then turn it on, press F12 when the ThinkPad logo appears. Now select your boot device and go through the setup process.

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