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Repair documentation for the Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch. Released in September 2019.

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How do you replace the battery?

How do you remove the old battery and put the new one back in?

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here's a video on how to replace battery

here's a video on how to get the screen off

if you need any help just ask


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Incomplete information. One video is on how to insert the battery. The other is on how to replace the screen. But there is no complete disassembly and reassembly instructions, so it isn't that useful. The video of showing someone putting in six screws to secure the battery is useless. Duh. I could have guessed that part. The important part is how to plug in the various components, and the various gotchas along the way.

In reality though, I can see the electronics are so small I would essentially be doing his blind, unable to focus on the small details. This looks 10x times harder than replacing a cell phone battery, which is already challenging enough.


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Here's a Youtube video on how to disassemble the Versa 2 and remove the battery:

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