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Why won't my Fitbit charge?

All of a sudden (after several months of use), it won't charge when I put it on the charger. Keeps on saying "Critical - 0%." What can I do besides put it on the charger?

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Don't worry if your Fitbit Luxe is not charging. You should try the methods below:

  1. Use original charging cable
  2. If you have not use it for several months then plug it on charger and check after 2 hours.
  3. Change power source
  4. Connect charging contacts and pins correctly
  5. Remove protective strip from charging pot
  6. And I have put the more details in this My Fitbit Luxe Not Charging

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I was facing this issue too and now get my Fitbit working fine.

here are the steps that I was tried to fix it:

  • Clean Charging Contacts and Pins
  • Change Power Source
  • Use Original Charging Cable
  • Connect Charging Cable Properly
  • Remove Protective Strip
  • Visit now the detailed solutions which I was tried.
  • And a few more steps are what can be causing this issue. You should visit this link to read the more details which I have put above.

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Allison Huettner double check your charger and your charging cable. Make sure that those are in working condition. Check the charging port make sure it is not obstructed or otherwise clogged, dirty etc.. If all that is in good working order then there is the possibility that this is a bad charging port, bad battery or logic board issue. We will need to know the exact model Fitbit you have for any of those repairs.

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