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Repair guides and support for various film SLR cameras by Canon including the Eos film line and popular cameras such as the Canon Rebel.

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Button does not work.

I have a Canon SX50 HS. The circular dial just above the Menu button is designed to be turned (revolved),… or pressed in one of the cardinal points (North, South, East or West). Mine will not ‘click’ when pressed down on the East side. Is there anything I can do?

Update (08/19/2021)

I have tried the distilled water and Q tip that you suggested. Unfortunately it still doesnt work! Any other suggestions?

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Get some distilled water (you don’t want tap or spring that could make things worse!) Slightly dampen a cotton swab (Q-Tip) now carefully wipe around the edge of the dial and button areas where you see a gap see if that helps..

Update (08/19/2021)

@tedwynne - Sadly its starting to look like the switch contacts are not working properly. At this point you'll need a new upper case assembly

Block Image

It’s a bit of work to replace it. I strongly recommend you let a camera repair person replace the part.

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