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Released in June 2012, the Samsung Freeform 4 has a physical QWERTY keyboard with 2.4-inch TFT display that has a 320x240-pixel resolution.

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Where is the sim card slot?

My phone is from tracfone and I am trying to see if i can switch it to another service, but I'm not seeing a sim card slot anywhere. There is a micro sd, but no apparent sim slot.

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Old phones don’t use Sim Cards they are CDMA network, and they have to be programmed with a new service, I guest your phone is not even supported anymore, you can call Verizon or Sprint to see if they can activate it.

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Thank you. I called my phone service, and they said that the phone is a 3G, and since Verizon is removing their 3G towers, it's not compatible.


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