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The Latitude E7440 is an ultrabook by Dell released in November 2013, identified by model number 730-6964, with a fully usable touchscreen display. It is a high end business laptop built to be portable and sleek yet sturdy.

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Dell latitude power button blinking laptop not turning on

Please help me fix this laptop. The laptop was working fine but few days ago the charger sparked and the laptop is not turning on. I even ordered a new charger but it still does not turn on. When i press the power button the power light turns on and the laptop turns off. The laptop is also making a weird buzzing noise near the charging port which it was not making when the laptop was working. I have tried replacing the ram removing the hard drive and even removing the bios bettery but its still not working. I suspect the motherboard is dead and needs replacement so please help me fix it.

Dell latitude E7440

Please see the video.


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As much i know BIOS check all the parts before starting, and it fails pre-boot. It is trying to start but fails due to issue in the board. It happens when there is any damage or short circuit in the board.

Spark in the charger send a high voltage into the battery and battery transferred to the board. Due to high voltage you're charging IC or mosfet has burnt out. You are right there is a problem with your motherboard.

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