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Repair documentation for the Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch. Released in September 2019.

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How Do I Reattach The Screen

The touch screen of my Versa 2 popped off because I believe the adhesive gasket that holds the screen to the frame failed. This is the second one, my first one was replaced under warranty and now they want me to pay for a replacement.

Does anyone know of a good place to get a replacement gasket, or if I could use something like automotive grade RTV to stick it back in place? The material looks and feels similar to RTV, but I don’t want to do it wrong and wreck something. I could test it with my original Versa 2 (that was replaced) since FitBit let me keep it.

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Well, for those who are curious, I picked up a tube of Permatex clear silicone adhesive sealant and applied a very thin bead to both watches after removing the old adhesive sealant and cleaning them thoroughly with 99% IPA. I've set both of them to cure, and they've been sitting for several hours. Checking on them it seems to be holding, I'll keep this thread updated if anything goes south.

Update (12/12/2020)

12 hours or so after applying the silicone adhesive/sealant, it seems to be holding nicely. So far so good. $7 is a much better deal than wasting your money on another poorly crafted Fitbit.

Update (12/23/2020)

Well, both watches cleaned up nicely and so I’ve got twin FitBit Versa 2’s ready to rock! Kinda sucks that they didn’t want to stand behind their clearly poorly engineered product, even though arguably the UCC’s Implied Warranty of Merchantability says they should.

Update 3 (2/25/2021)

It’s been two months now since I did the repair and both watches seem to be holding up nicely, so this might be a viable fix for those who run into adhesive failure.

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The same thing just happened to my versa 2. Unfortunately, I'm on a road trip. But I'll have to see how I can fix the problem somehow. Thank you for sharing the fix!


Will this add waterproofing/waterresisting back to the smartwatch?


@quotequotequote It may, mine seems to still be waterproof nearly 3 years after the repair. I can't guarantee it will, but if yours just lost the adhesive like mine did, I'd wager most likely.


Just managed to rip the display off of mine. The screen protector stuck to the glass top of my desk and pulled the face free from the body of the device. Thank you so much for updating this post-- it's so nice not having to do my own repair trailblazing for once!


Thanks for documenting. My Sense display just popped out at work last week. What was left of the adhesive looked poorly done. Not enough and improperly applied. I've cleaned and applied rtv and it looks good 11 hours later. Not sure how long I should leave it before wearing so will leave it to cure for the full 24 hours.


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Scott, is this what you used? …

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Did the watch work after ? Right now my watch screen popped off and the screen is blank. No activity on screen if I power the watch on..not seeing any movement on the sensor either ..any thoughts?


@sujathasan34179 Yes, it's continued to work for nearly 3 years since the repair, and it was working before re-gluing the screen. If yours isn't working, make sure the cables to the display are attached properly and aren't torn. It should be fully functional before reattaching the screen.


@richardthomson Yes, that was the stuff that I used, and it's continued to stay sealed for nearly 3 years now.


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