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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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What is wrong with my HDD?

WD Blue My passport 1TB HDD storage

Cannot be read when connected to any devices.

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Please, people, STOP buying these proprietry external hard drives. You are juast asking for trouble. They are neither upgradable nor, easily, repairable.

The internal interface is not standard.

Get a good external case with a USB 3.1 controller and a standard SATA HDD or better still a standard SSD.

Most models open very easily, some even are water proof. If either fails it can be simply replaced. Drive upgrade is just a simple pop out and pop in new. It will work on anything with a USB port.

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might have been a bad company, don't know. So, It's literally broken then..


@aactech - I wouldn't be so quick to dam all external drives! Most people don't know what the given maker has done internally.

While you are just in WD My Passport having a USB port intergraded within the drive controller the industry is moving quickly to closed architecture. Apple started the trend and the others have followed!



Hi Dan, I politely disagree. Especially when buying the two components seperately cost less. Why the trend....because people let them. If you don't know what the maker has done inside, well don't buy it.

I'm just trying to help people by education. Isn't that what IFIXIT is all about? Repairability score right?

The simple solution, of course, is if you don't buy it ---> they don't sell it. Personally, I have never had an external USB drive case die in over 20. Even unknown Asian brands. I still have my very first one after 20 years - for IDE laptop drive and USB 2.0 - a bit slow but it still works

Enough said?


@Ahiung Lim

Hi Ahiung, Yes unfortunately. Now buy the two components seperately, as decribed above, and you will be happy.


@aactech - Reread what I wrote, I'm just telling it as we we see it! I don't disagree!

External SSD drives are not any different, nothing serviceable either.

The new M1 Mac's have nothing serviceable beyond replacing one of the five/six major parts! Yep, other than screws that's it! I still use & love my 2012 15" MacBook Pro as its a tank and I can fix it if need be.


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Well! You managed to kill your drive if it was repairable!

The patters need to be stored in a dust free environment which when you opened the can you lost! The head runs across the platters with very little clearance and dust on the surface is like you hitting a bolder as big as your car head on a a mountain road at night. I doubt the car or even you would be alive after that!

So how to fix your drive? At this point the platters and the data on them may still be OK, but the head assembly is gone! You’ll need to find a second exact same series drive to salvage the head assembly to replace the now damaged unit and the real issue was likely an amp issue on the logic board so you would need to replace that as well. You need special fixtures to hold the drive and prevent the heads from scratching the disk platters. These are custom tools which you’ll need to contact the drive maker to get or have custom made if you understand what’s required. Both are expensive to do!

Unless the data on the drive was important its not economical to fix and you still have to create a clean room which is cleaner that what a hospital operating theater offers to work within.

Basically, you need to get your drive to a specialist who offers data recovery services and letting them fix the drive. Be aware this is expensive!

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Thank you for your kind answer, but it seems repairing hard drive is much more complicated that none of kindergarten kids can do about it. So, yeah, if it's broken, then either spend some money for the pro(which is very rare in my town), or just leave it as aquarium's decoration. haha :D


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