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Lenovo Thinkpad P51 repairs, replacements, and teardowns announced in February 2017.

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I cant remove the keyboard bezel, stuck around the trackpad

i have a p50 2016, i cant remove the keyboard bezel, it’s sticking in the front of the track pad. it looks like a circuit board that lives under the trackpad is connected to the bottom of the bezel so i don’t want to force them apart. i removed all identified screws in the hardware manual. should i force it?

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Most Lenovo computer manuals are available for download, free, from Lenovo website. Here’s a shortcut to the one you need.


Download it. Click the blue link “Hardware manual” See page 75. It shows the disassembly.

If you removed all the screws all that could be holding the pieces together are plastic locking tabs or ridges, adhesive and “gunk” formed from oils, vapors, food and dirt that got in there over time. I’ve found a LOT of “gunk” in computer keyboards and in laptop that have fans.

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