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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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A1316 has trouble turning on backlight

I have an Apple A1316 27” Display (non-Thunderbolt) that is exhibiting a weird backlight issue.

When first plugged into a computer, when it receives a signal, the backlight flickers briefly but fails to stay on. Otherwise the monitor works fine (the computer thinks another monitor is attached, I can see that it is displaying using a flashlight).

I tried turning it’s brightness all the way down before connecting it. When connected, it flickered, then stayed on. So it seems that it can barely muster enough energy to turn the backlight on, but once it’s on, it’s fine. Other people have had issues with no backlight after a period of functionality, my issue seems to be kind of the opposite.

What should I start testing on this? I’m leery of the power supply, but I don’t know where I might begin.

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What is your system?

How does the cord look?


2011 27" iMac (Thunderbolt) connect with a fine looking wire to the external display.

I think this is almost certainly an issue with the hardware inside the monitor, as the DisplayPort cable a.) doesn't really have anything to do with the backlight and b.) seems to be sending a working image that is viewable with a flashlight (and is viewable while the backlight flickers on power on). Also seems unlikely that turning the brightness down would be able to cover for a fault in the wire.


It's not that simple!

A poor connection can disrupt the video signal so the display will appear black but the backlight its self is still on. Just think how your TV works when the station signal winks out.

Given your symptoms I wanted to remove the obvious causes.


The display is still viewable using a flashlight, so the backlight is out but the signal is good, not vice versa.


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The fault was with the aging backlight strips that were drawing too much current. After replacement the monitor works fine.

See my response What components need replacing on the Logic board?

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Spoke too soon - the issue has persisted after replacing the aging backlight strips with new ones.


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I believe that you should start with the power supply, as this would most likely be the issue. Or you should check the backlight filter in the device.

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I mean, intuitively it is a power supply issue... actually fixing it is a more difficult task


Yeah, it would probably all relate to the power supply.


Replaced power supply, issue persists.


After replacement of backlight strips in panel the display is fully operational.


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