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The latest phone in the HTC One line, simply called the HTC 10, released in 2016.

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best glue to attach LCD to body


I’ve seen some reviews on best glues to attach LCDs to Digitizers, but I couldn’t find any for attaching LCD to body.

I used double sided adhesive tape and it did fine for some time but after a while it loses it’s stickiness and so the LCD gets lifted up from the body and dust sticks to the tapes and so the process repeats again.

I’d appreciate if you could share your skills.

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Make sure the glass and frame are completely clean and then use tesa tape

Other people swear by 3m primer 94

3M Primer 94 Pen 0.2oz | Vinyl Car Wrap Application Tool (5 Pack)

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T-7000 adhesive in a tube. this is the black version, just a tiny amount around the edge, turn the phone over and weight with a heavy book while the adhesive sets up.

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