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The Dell Inspiron 15-7559 is categorized as a gaming laptop, featuring a 15.6" screen, full keyboard with number pad, and 3 USB 3.0 ports.

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Combine a SSD C:\\ with HDD


I have a SSD with 109 GB and one HDD with 1 TB. I want to know if I can combine/merge them together so I can have only one virtual drive?

Thank you

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You can do that but the laptop needs to support RAID 0 configuration which is where data stored is shared between two drives.

I don't recommend doing this because it doubles the chances of drive failure as if either drives or laptop goes faulty you end up losing all the data as both drives need to be working to access the data.

If you are running out of space on which I assume is the SSD that has windows on it I recommend upgrading it to a 240GB or 500GB SSD. If you need to keep data there's software that usually comes with those SSDs to clone onto the replacement drive.

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Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) requires two of the same drives and size. Here you're just setting up Just a Bunch of Drives (JBOD).

Mixing SSD's and HDD's in a JBOD is not like how Apple does a Fusion Drive if that was what you where hoping for. There is no means of weighing which file goes to which drive within a JBOD, this is also true with RAID as well.

As I stated you need two drives which are the same type, size and I/O to gain either striping (RAID-0) but if either drive goes you loose access to all of your data. Or mirroring which duplicates the file across both drives so you have a copy in case one of the drives goes on you (RAID-1).

Here’s some useful references:

If speed is important I would get two SSD’s and then RAID them into a RAID-0. Otherwise I would leave them as discreet drives making my boot drive the SSD with the OS & Apps, then use the HDD for my data drive. Leaving the free space on the SSD alone so the OS and Apps can leverage it for virtual RAM, paging and cache.

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