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This laptop was released in late 2015 and came running Windows 10 Home. It features a touch screen display, Intel i5 processor, and a 1 TB hard drive.

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Not turning on yet USB is powered with and without battery

I am using the HP pavilion 15-ab243cl and came home to find that my laptop will not power on, it's USB ports are receiving power(which normally wouldn't happen when off), the charging indicator won't turn on(yet the USB devices turn off when battery disconnected and back on when plugged in without battery). Initially power indicator turned on then off when plugged in first time when issue occurred.

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some more details needed

i.e no power

charging is in good condition

Battery is working fine or not


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Try removing battery and holding power button for 10-15 seconds.

The way it sounds is there is a possible short. Especially when it does things that it normally would do only if it is on but is very unresponsive.

Any fans spinning that you can hear?

You might be able to reseat RAM (memory) and see if that brings and image back.


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