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Sony's 9.2 megapixel HDR-CX675 released in December 2015.The handycam captures 1080p HD recorder.

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Horizonal lines on LCD and Tape header noise TRV118

Having an issue with a Sony Handycam Digital 8 that I picked up from a thirft store the other day.

Model: CCD-TRV118

The problem is intermittant....

- The LCD screen will show horizonal lines, usually when I touch or tap the area where the tape is located. This can happen when the tape door is closed, but the problem presents itself better when I try to tap it when the tape door is open.

- Sometimes the LCD screen will stop showing the lines, but sometimes, I have to turn the whole unit off and on again.

- When the LCD sceeen is showing these lines, you can hear the tape deck whirring, like the headers are trying.

I was thinking the camera 'thinks' it has a tape, when it does... maybe something is loose or dirty... However, why would the LCS sceen show pure horizinal multi-colored lines at the exact same time?

Any help would be appreciated!

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IRRC there are 2 ribbon cables that run between the main camera body and the display. One of these cables either has a crack or is loose in its connector inside the camera body. This should be fixable by re-seating the cable or replacing it.


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