Speedlite 430EX I - Capacitor/Transformer/Inverter Troubleshooting.

Hi there,

I'm repairing a Speedlite 430EX I and I need help on part values.

I have the service manual/schematics, but Canon does not list the individual parts, and instead wants you to buy the entire pcb which they've discontinued.

My guess is it's only a capacitor or transformer that needs replacing.

Block Image

The rest of the flash turns on and seems fine.

There's a loud whining noise when I turn it on. And the flash does not fire when I press the Pilot button.

1. I want to ask if someone can test the C2 capacitor that stores the flash charge and see what the required uF is, as well as the rated voltage.

2. If someone can tell me a part number for the T1 transformer, as well as the gauge of winding wire and how many turns. The schematic shows it has 3 windings.

Block Image

If you can tell me as well what the voltage is that is delivered from the battery before it reaches the transformer, and what it is on each of the two windings.

This should give us a reasonable idea of what the transformer spec is to either find a replacement or wind our own.

I've also read it might be the Q6 or Q7 inverter:

Block Image

Why is my flash making a high pitched whine constantly?

In that case, can someone give me the part number of Q6 and Q7 or tell me whether either is PNP or NPN, as well as C B E tests between legs of each out of circuit?

Any advice?

Thank you! I will share any solutions I find here.

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