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The Satellite C660 is a series of laptops released by Toshiba around 2010. They have 15.6-inch screens and a variety of Intel processors.

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Why is my laptop making sound like something is moving inside?


It has been few weeks now that my laptop make weird sound inside. I open it because it wasn't turning on correctly and then I saw a piece of tape that wasn't on any component. Then I thought that piece of tape was making noise with the fan but now the computer turn on but stay with a black sceen with the underscore flashed and the noise is still there.

Any idea?


PS: Sorry for my english.

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What kind of sound?


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The devices capable of producing some sound inside a normal laptop are the fan and the hard drive. When the fan is not attached properly, due to some screw or broken part, then there will be reasons for noise. In the case of the hard disk, this only makes a noise when tired.


- securely fasten the fan and make sure that all the connectors are secure;

- remove the hard drive and check if the noise continues;

- disconnect the fan connector and check if the noise continues;

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I also had strange noises coming from my laptop. It made crackling and swishing noises when I moved the laptop or when typing. Turned out it was because my microphone was constantly on and thus picking up all noises from inside laptop or something. As soon as I disabled the microphone it stopped. Not sure if you had the same problem, but someone out there might….

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