Laptop released by Dell in 2005, features a 15.4" display and Intel Centrino processor.

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How can I replace my CPU fan?

My fan is making an awful noise. Is there a way to replace it economically? This is an old laptop, but it's otherwise working well and I'd like to squeeze another year or two out of it.

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Here is a URL for downloading the service manual for your computer. Hope it helps. Ralph

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It is a bit tricky and the service manual is a bit confusing. The fan itself is enclosed in a heat exchange assembly and the whole assembly has to be replaced. If you are in luck you can purchase the whole assembly from china for 20$ including P&P. I purchased mine from wishingdeals on ebay their contact information is as follows:


Wisshen Inc



The plastic parts you disassemble are fragile so you should take care. You begin by taking off the rubber pads on the screen (they don't seem to come off but they do) beneath them you will find the screws. Unscrew them. By doing it you can take the screen off the hinge and that will allow you to unscrew the hinge itself, slip off the keyboard and disconnect the keyboard and screen connectors. Now you have access to the motherboard and the screws that fasten the plastic cover/frame. Remove the plastic cover/frame (a bit tricky) and then remove the motherboard. You may need to extract the CPU before the whole procedure. You have access to the cooling assembly. Disconnect the electrical fan connector from the board and replace it with the one in the new assembly. Assemble the computer and it should be silent most of the time.

Excluding the battery, the fan is one of the most abused parts of the computer, adding to the fact that the fans have a sleeve bearing and not a ball bearing (cost savings), you should clean them regularly from dust for its the major cause of premature fan failures.

Hope this short explanation solves the problem for others.

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You can access service manuals for all Dell laptops at Laptop Manuals Hub

Find your manual and follow the instructions.

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Try to soft blower you laptop for dirt cleaning. if that dose not resolve the problem you can you tube the tutorial for your laptop model and see if you can do it yourself. I would suggest you to buy a CPU fan from eBay and take your laptop to a local electrician shop and have it replaced instead of trying it out yourself to avoid any permanent damage to logic board.

Good Luck.

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That's because your fanwheel blades have too much dust and fluff built up on it.

Just take it out and and clean the fan blades from dust with a soft brush. If you brake the assembly, willingly or accidentaly, you can put it back together with a good quality sticky tape.

After this a bit of vacuuming does help from the outside once a week or so to slow this dust accumulation.

It worked for me and had to do it about 3 years after I bought it.

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