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The product is an HS-10DTB2-8GB Android Tablet with a maximum height of 10.1", made for the convenience of using phone applications on a bigger screen display than a smartphone.

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Hipstreet Phantom 2 keeps rebooting

Hi All,

I have inherited a hipstreet phantom 2 from my mother in law which we bought her a year ago. She never used it and when I first turned it on I went through all the welcome screens.

However, I am trying to use it and it keeps restarting itself. At first it was having issues with updating Google play services which I thought was causing it, but I have factory reset and now that problem seems to be solved. But it keeps struggling with just opening menu's and reboots itself every 5mins!

Any thoughts??

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I have one doing the same. The solution is after the factory reset you need to go to settings, about device, update and turn off the update. Do not try and make any app update. I.e. ignore prompt to download latest versions. Works okay then.

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