Cannot Open Shell for Logitech M570 Trackball

I have an old M570 Trackball Mouse that no longer works. I'm just getting into repair and I thought it would be good for practice. However I'm having a lot of trouble getting it open.

The shell has four Phillips screws on the bottom. I removed the battery and pushed the ball out of the case. I removed those four screws and set them aside. There are no other screws visible.

I can get a Jimmy into the crack between the upper and lower parts of the case, but I can't pry it open. There seems to be some additional fastener that I can't see.

I don't want to break the case by brute force. Is there something other than those four screws that I need to remove?

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Solved the problem myself. Here's my solution, for anyone else who finds this question and needs to know.

There IS a fifth case screw. It's hidden about as carefully as Logitech could have done it, though I have no idea why they went to this much trouble. The fifth case screw is inside the battery compartment, UNDERNEATH the sticker that lays out the battery pattern. The screw is beneath the "5" in "1.5 V". As shown here:

You have to dig through that sticker to reveal and remove the screw.

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Sneaky, thanks for finding that. Now I can fix my mouse.


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Peel up the label in the battery compartment to reveal screw number five.

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I used a small bended tweezers and I just pressed when I found the recess and by pressing and move around the closed tweezers I dug a perfect round hole in the label to show the screw.

Thanks for the tip!

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