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A point and shoot camera manufactured in 2014 by Sony.

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Why is the screen not working?

The image screen is not displaying anything.

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If the screen is not displaying anything, it’s impossible to go through the menu system to reset the camera.


The screen on my DSC-H5 works. It displays menu, etc. okay. However, I see no images when attempting to take a photo. If I zoom there is a slight change in the screen but still no image. I can find nothing on the internet about this problem.

Doug A.


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The reasons why the screen would not be working could be because the camera is having issues initializing everything properly, or the LCD screen is either damaged inside or is not properly attached to the rest of the camera's circuitry.

If it is because of an initialization issue, there is a simple solution which is to reset the camera to manufacturer or original factory settings. In order to do it with this model, you will need to access the Initialize or Reset option through the camera menu. Follow this path: MENU → Settings → Main Settings → Initialize → OK.

Prior to following these steps, make sure to not turn the power off while resetting is in progress. Be aware that this model supports the PlayMemories™ Camera Apps and in resetting, apps downloaded may be uninstalled. To use them again, reinstalling will be necessary. However, all movies and photos will be retained. If an error code starting with a C: or E: is displayed on the screen resetting may not resolve the problem.

If the LCD screen is damaged or not properly attached, the solution will be to replace the LCD screen or properly reattach the screen band to the rest of the camera. In order to do either, you will have to open up the camera. You can use the LCD Replacement Guide and follow the instructions to fix these issues:

LCD Screen Replacement

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How can one use the camera's menu if screen not working?


As for option 2 - replace the screen: this sound good but under Parts says "No special parts required", but surely we need a new screen. How can we source that, I wonder.

Also, it's shame there's no time (or expertise) estimate!


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I had the same problem with my DSC W830. The display kept black displaying the text “Cyber Shot”. And the camera did not accept any button and ontop of it the objective remain out of the body. I was angry as I was on my trip.

The only and easy solution (but not on the trip) was to connect the camera to my PC via the cable. The objective returned back and everythink started operate as usualy.

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Alas, this doesn't work for me! (Either using cable or battery)


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