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My 1999 nissan quest van stall and wont start

Came to a stop light It die and don't start It turns over It got gas in it someone said there's no spark it was fuel pump and another said it was timing I don't smell gas in the motor area .

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jewel king besides all those things you were told, what have you checked? Checked for spark?


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Your van needs 3 things to run gas spark and air. first listen for the fuel pump. turn on the key but don't crank the motor. do you hear a hum from the rear of the van .If not you need to find out why it could be a bad pump or just a fuse or relay. If you can hear a hum this is the fuel pump and that's good. Next check the pressure on the fuel rail . If there's no pressure you may be looking at a fuel filter being plugged. or a faulty pressure regulator. If you have good pressure check for codes . Are there any codes in the on-board computer. If there are codes they will need to be addressed . If there's no codes check the air breather on occasion the air breather can become so clogged it wont run. You should also check for spark by pulling a plug and looking to see if there is a spark present . you wont always get a code for no spark but you usually do. If you dont find joy from any of these suggestions there one more thing to check . The engine temperature sensor . If for some reason it throws a temp thats not consistant with the normal operating temperature the engine will not run. Hope something in this will help

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My nisson quest van will run for about five -six miles then it turns off and will not start any more until it cools off, I put in a new fuel pump but it keep on doing the same thing

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It cranks but will not start

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