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"WARNING...Custom OS can cause problems"

Hi I have Samsung Galaxy s4 and it has this problem with OS and shows this when i turn on "WARNING...Custom OS can cause problems" but i accidentally pressed the volume down button and now it's not turning on. Can you please tell me what to do?

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Were you doing anything prior to the issue? Installing a custom OS like cyanogenmod?


I had this warning when booting up my phone this morning, thought it was a virus. I took my battery out and wait a few sec. Put it back in and it's back to normal.


I can't take the battery out of my tablet so what do I do plz help


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Now your phone on download mode. just remove and reinsert the battery.

Press power button and phone will be boot as usual.

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Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!! This info from you saved me from making a HUGE MISTAKE of using the Custom OS Download. I no longer use my S4 to make calls but, I do use it with my web browser to check out my Game plays Info and Cheats.

Thanks again and

Happy Holidays




Take the battery out of the phone and then put the battery back in the phone you do not need to keep the battery out more than ten seconds that should fix the problem


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Try pressing the volume up button + Home + power button

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How to solve this problem

To on my phone samsung mega i need to connect to power bank and than press button power+volume down+home.

After press 3 button message appear Warning !!A custom OS…

I select Volume down to restart phone .

After restart my window pop up.

My battery appear 100%

I cant boot my phone without support power bank /power supply and when press power button nothing happen .

Any solution

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