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The slimmer version of the bulkier ThinkPad T420. The T420s is notable for its lower battery life and noisier fan compared to the original T420 laptop.

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How can I install more RAM?

My laptop is running a little sluggishly, and I want to upgrade the amount of memory. How would I go about doing this?

Update (04/26/2015)

If you would like to install more RAM, please note that 1333 MHz SO DIMM is the recommended memory for this system. There is an excellent installment guide here.

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You may want to make sure the reason of your system sluggishness is not caused by malware. I will run first CCleaners & Malwarebytes Anti-Malwares first (you can download those for free in

Then if it looks good, you can go on which will scan your system and tell you the proper upgrade for your system, so you don't buy or install the wrong one as it will destroy your system.

Make sure you follow proper installation which you can find on

Good luck!!

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You may need the most recent BIOS update but the T420s supports 16GB of RAM, not 8 as previously (and correctly at the time) published. You can use RAM that is faster than 1333 MHz, but it will not use a faster speed than 1333 MHz.

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