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An 18V battery powered angle grinder first introduced by RYOBI in 2014. It was released as part of RYOBI's ONE+ system of tools that all operate on the same battery pack.

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Why won't my grinder blade tighten down?

I am trying to put a blade on my grinder and I am having difficulty tightening it down. Is my blade broken, or is there another issue?

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Turn the fastening nut around. I have done it the wrong way round and it will not tighten, flipped it over - did it up - no problem.


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The first thing to check is whether or not the blade your putting on your grinder is indeed broken. If you can see an noticeable cracks or damage, start over with a new blade to ensure to your own safety, then return to work.

If the blade is undamaged, the alignment of the grinding head assembly could be off. Use this troubleshooting guide to quickly assess the issue and get your grinder back up and running!

RYOBI P422 Troubleshooting Guide

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