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Vornado Portable Heater fan just quit working?

I have a small portable Vornado Heater that was making a noise every once in awhile when I had it on. I tapped it, and the noise went away - thought maybe paper or something was stuck in it, but then it quit running all together. I have power going to it, but appears the fan is not spinning?

Is there a way to take the device apart and fix the fan? If the fan even is the problem.


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first of all whats the exact model of the Vornado Heater?


I forgot to bring it home this weekend, so I'll need to let you know the model tomorrow. Thank you.



There's no model listed. Just a serial NO and Type.

I'm assuming Type is the Model: VH102

Thanks again for your help.


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OK, I'm only 3 years late in answering this.

I have a vornado VH101 and have a similar problem. I will describe my problem; maybe your issue is the same or maybe not.

The fan blade attaches to the motor by friction. After a while it slips forward and hits the front grill and makes scraping sound. Eventually it gets stuck on the front grill and won't turn.

The temporary solution is to push the fan blade back. I took mine apart (4 screws, including one that requires a special screwdriver) to do this. Be careful not to push the blade too far back.

BTW, the VH101 is recalled. Don't know about the VH102.

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Thanks for a solution. I ended up throwing mine out and buying a new one. I'll keep this in mind should the issue come up again.


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Always check the fuse in the plug!!! It's tiny.. if u don't have a fuse u can cut off plug and attach one from another appliance ur no longer using.. then I suggest taking apart cleaning with a shamy cloth with a little bit of wd40 on it…

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