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Dont turn on AND orange light ALWAYS on


I do not find the way to turn off the orange/amber light. I know that is a timer indicator.

The remote control do not function in this state.

I can not do a factory reset or something else.

I leave the monitor without ac power conected for weeks. The monitor still off...the power switch does not work and the orange light is always on.

What board and fuses do I need to check_

Any other orientatiom_

I hope you can guide me to find the way to fix this issue.

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Only software update . My sony barvia 32ex420 only orange/amber light only,no more other functions, i update software. My tv ready.

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MAANNNN how will I update the tv when the remote doesn't function at all


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This is a flaw in the firmware that Sony is either unable or unwilling to fix. The workaround is to go into settings and change the time from 12hr to 24hr or the other way around. This will turn off the light for a little while, but it will turn badck on again in a week or two. All of Sony’s solutions will not work.

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When the YELLOW light to the left of the SONY logo stays on when the TV is turned on, the only way to turn it off is go into Settings, Device Preferences, Date and Time, and then turn "Use 24-hour format" off/on and then back on/off. That will turn off the yellow light - for THIS use of the TV.

However, when the TV is turned on again next time, the yellow light is on again. So, that process must be followed every single time.

I recommend calling Sony Support and logging this issue, as they don't seem to feel it IS an issue as there aren't very many reports about it.

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