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Tabletop cotton candy maker for use with hard candy or flossing sugar. Model number PCM805 / PCM805RETRORED

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Why doesn't the device spin when powered on?

When candy or sugar is placed into the device and it is turned on, the device does not spin like a cotton candy machine normally should.

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Yes, we had this problem too. The whole family was involved in disassembly. (Darn cheap screws all stripped though! What a pain!) We got all the way down to the motor and found that a metal piece had come off the post on which everything spins. We tried a few different options to keep it attached, but adhesives didn't seem to work. And even when it did seem to hold together it wouldn't spin well. After many attempts we threw the whole thing away. I would like to replace it with something more well made.


I have "the real cotton candy maker" when I try to turn it on, it stays on for a minute but then shuts off! I've been trying to figure it out for 2 days! What do I do?!


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If your device has power but it still does not spin, it is likely that you have a blockage obstructing your device. If your device has been used without being cleaned it is possible that residue is stopping your device from spinning. Properly cleaning the extractor head can resolve this issue.

If the extractor head is clean but it still does not spin, the motor may have gone bad. Your best course of action is to buy a replacement.

Follow this link for additional help Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Troubleshooting


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It will not spin and I need it to

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Mine is not spinning either, the center leans to one side.

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