iMac G5 problem!

Hello everyone,

My iMac G5 20" (Isight) hasn't been able to boot up since yesterday. I left it on sleep mode last night and, when trying to wake it up, it started blowing air out of the fans. Nothing seems to work (SMU, Pram..) I opened it up and looked at the 4 LED diagnostic and only LEDS 1 and 2 remain lit when I turn it on. I suppose that everything is fine with the logic board but still the computer won't show any picture or boot up. After a couple of minutes the fans come on. No response from the keyboard either. I ran out of ideas and I would appreciate the help!

Thank you!

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LED #3 is for the connection between the logic board and the LCD. Have you tried reseating the LCD cable?

LED #4 has to do with temperature sensors, I think. It's actually good that that one remain off.

You say no response from the keyboard: Does CAPS LOCK light up when you press it? Can you insert a cd into the optical drive and then eject it with the EJECT key? If yes, then the keyboard is responding and you are just not seeing it.

So, back to no video: Are you able to connect the iMac to another monitor? If the external monitor gets an image, and if the iMac screen is completely dark,then it may just be the inverter that's failed.

Can you see a faint image on the iMac screen? Then it may be either the inverter or the LCD panel or both.

If the external does not get an image, then it's most likely the logic board. :-(

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Thanks for the comment but I figured out what the problem was. 2 bad capacitors are responsible for the malfunction.I ordered a few to be replaced soon and then we'll see if that'd solve it.


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LED 1 means that the power supply is (most likely) okay. The most likely suspect is the logic board. Are any of the capacitors popped or close to popping?

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If you have tried re-seating the video cables, trying an external monitor, etc, as in the previous posts, and have had no success, then it is still most likely the logic board.

If the capacitors are okay there are plenty of other components on a logic board that can fail. If you can remove the logic board, carefully check the soldering points for deterioration or even for the greenish decay left behind by humidity getting into the machine.

Especially check out the areas where liquid may have gotten into the machine, ie: the ports, the RAM slots and the optical drive slot.

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what if no response from keyboard

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