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The most popular option to light large areas of buildings. They come in a variety of connection types and power ratings.

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The ballast is no longer available & no replacement

I have a 2 bulb light fixture with Resi-tronic flourescent lamp electronic ballast 2003062 have .85A with a yellow, white & black wire coming out of one side & 2 blue,2 red, a brown and a gray wire coming out of the other side. The replacement ballast that I am told will work have completely different wire arrangements & I don't see how the wiring can be modified to work. Can you please provide an appropriate replacement ballast or a description of how to wire a different type ballast? Thank you.


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add an image of your ballast and/or light to your question. what bulbs are you using i.e.T5, T8 T12?


i sent photos directly to the address of your message but have not heard anything. I don't see a way to add photos on this site. Please help


Here is the ballast that I need to replace but is not longer made. What can I use?[image|411328[image|[image|411327][image|411325]


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arch, according to your images, this is a standard T8 2 lamp ballast. Something like this or this one should work. Any major hardware store should also carry it. Yes, the wiring will slightly change. To show you how to connect the new balance, you will have to also give us a few pictures of the light with the current wires.

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sorry it's taken so long but i don't know h ow to load pictures of the ballast I have on this site. Can you please let me know how to do that or provide an email address so I can send it to you to find out how the new ballast needs to be wired? Since this is a standard ballast, I don't know why it has so many more wires but are you saying that the wiring doesn't matter as long as it's a T8 2 lamp ballast? The amps don't need to match? Thanks.


The amps matter but most of the T8 ballast will be pretty close to the original. You can wire a new ballast in for as long as it is a T8 that can drive two F32T8 bulbs. to attach an image, use this guide Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente For my email address you just click on my Avatar


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Oldturkey is right -

The Resitronic 2003062 has been discontinued - it has some really awkward wiring that can be easily rewired to accommodate a standard ballast without changing the sockets depending on the fluorescent tubes you are operating:

F32T8 - Resitronic 2003062 F32T8 Replacement

F40T12 or F34T12 - Resitronic 2003062 F40T12 and F34T12 Replacement

Of course the better option is to convert your 4 ft. F32T8, F40T12, F34T12 fluorescent tubes to LED by-pass tubes that eliminate the ballast altogether and typically have a payback in a few months.

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