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Why is my rear wheel hub chattering when coasting

fuji bicycle (beach cruiser) rear wheel hub

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Does it not chatter when pedaling? Is it much louder than the usual coast sound? It could be the wheel bearings.


rear wheel cog twitches when coasting


no; yes & the cog is pulsating


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I'm more of a bike enthusiast than an expert, but it could be the wheel bearings. I would try taking it apart and cleaning / greasing the bearings. Hope this helps!

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Is it multiple speed, with handlebar shifting or brakes, or a single speed cruiser with pedal brakes or what? Because the pedal brakes could potentially be rubbing. Or the internal shifting in the hub could be loose or tensioned incorrectly.

Are we certain yet it's not a loose skewer or an untrue wheel rubbing against the frame?

Good Luck!

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