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SKIL 4235 Jigsaw Troubleshooting Wiki

Blade does not cut.

1. The blade may be worn out.

a. Visually observe the blade for wear or missing teeth. The blade may need replacing.

2. The gears may be slipping.

a. If the blade is new, the gears may be slipping intermittently. Check gears for wear. Replace worn gears.

Power is on, trigger does not respond.

1. Assembly is seized.

a. The gear assembly may be jammed. Check the gears and allow them to move freely.

2. Motor is not running.

a. If the gears are free, the wiring from trigger to switch may be faulty. Check the wiring with a multi-meter.

3. Trigger switch is broken.

a. If the wiring is fine, the trigger may not be completing the circuit, or may be jammed or dirty. Replace the trigger, or clean the assembly.

Power cord is connected, but power is not transferred (no sound).

1. Moving blade is not possible by hand; assembly is free.

a. If the blade does not move, the assembly may be broken. Replace unit.

2. Wall socket may not work.

a. If the assembly moves freely, the unit may not be getting power. Try using another outlet or try plugging a known working item into the socket to verify it’s on.

3. Power cord is not continuous.

a. If the wall socket is fine, the power cord may be faulty. Replace the power cord or replace the tool.

4. Motor is dead.

a. If the tool is getting power, the motor may be dead.

5. Trigger switch is broken.

a. Additionally to the motor, the wiring to the trigger may be faulty. Check it’s continuity with a multi-meter.

Motor runs, but grinding sound comes from insides.

1. Gears are worn.

a. The motor is running, but the gears are grinding. Replace the gears, or dispose of the tool.

2. Motor is broken, magnets are shattered.

a. If the gears mesh fine, the motor may run intermittently, but may make sounds as if it were broken. Replace motor, or dispose of tool.

3. Blade guide broken.

a. If the gears and motor run fine, the blade guide may be worn, or broken. Replace the guide.

4. Screw or debris is stuck in gears.

a. Debris may have made its way into the gear. Remove the debris, add a few drops of motor oil, and test out tool safely. If sound persists, replace tool. ???

Power is on, motor not running.

1. Moving blade is not possible by hand, assembly is free.

a. The gears may be broken. Replace gears, or replace tool.

2. Motor makes sound, but gears are jammed.

a. Check to see if any moving parts are jammed.

3. Motor is dead..

a. If the gears are fine, the motor may be dead. Replace the motor, or replace the tool.

4. Unit overheated.

a. If there are any signs of melting, replace the tool.

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