Canon EOS 30 Troubleshooting

Camera Does Not Turn On ¶ 

Camera does not appear to be on and nothing is on the LCD screen.

Low Battery Level ¶ 

Make sure the batteries you installed are correctly installed and are lithium CR123A (or DL123A) 6V batteries.

Battery Contacts Blocked ¶ 

Battery contacts are located on the battery door. If they are obstructed, clean them with a small brush or with steel wool. If cleaning the contacts does not work you can replace them. Canon EOS 30 Battery Door Replacement

LCD Broken ¶ 

If the camera is working and the LCD screen is not on, the LCD screen may need to be replaced. Canon EOS 30 LCD Screen Replacement

Internal Component Malfunction ¶ 

If the camera does not turn on at all after checking the batteries, an internal component may be disconnected or dysfunctional. The malfunctioning component should be replaced.

Camera will not take pictures ¶ 

No Film ¶ 

Verify that there is still film on the roll and it is installed correctly.

Film Installed Incorrectly ¶ 

Verify that the film is inserted properly and there are no jams. Look for a film symbol on the LCD screen to see if the camera recognizes the film.

Shutter Curtain or Mirror Obstructed ¶ 

Verify that the shutter curtain and mirror are not stuck and there are no obstructions. The shutter curtain is the thin black sheet inside the film compartment that separates horizontally. It can be accessed by opening the film door. The mirror can be accessed from the front of the camera with the lens assembly removed. If you lift up the mirror you will be able to see the shutter curtain.

Internal Component Malfunction ¶ 

An internal component may be disconnected or dysfunctional. The malfunctioning components should be replaced.

Poor Picture Quality ¶ 

Dirty Lens ¶ 

Clean lens with a blower brush to remove dust. Then use lens cleaning paper and fluid to gently wipe the lens in a spiral from the center to the outer edge.

Camera Shaken During Picture Taking ¶ 

Keep the camera steady or use a tripod.

Film Damaged ¶ 

Exposure to open light and x-rays can damage film. Try using brand-new film.

Improper Development ¶ 

The film may not have been developed correctly.

Flash Does Not Work ¶ 

Flash Turned Off ¶ 

The camera's flash setting may be off. Turn the flash setting on and verify that the flash is working. Settings are located on the dial on the top of the camera.

Flash Not Charged ¶ 

Give the flash unit time to charge before taking pictures.

Low Battery Level ¶ 

If the battery level of the camera is too low the flash may not work. Verify that the battery indicator on the LCD screen reads normally.

Flash Unit Broken ¶ 

The flash unit of the camera may be damaged. The flash unit should be replaced.

Lens Will Not Mount Properly ¶ 

Wrong Lens Type ¶ 

Verify the lens assembly is designed for the Canon EF lens mount.

Lens Mount Ring Damaged ¶ 

The lens mount ring on the camera may be warped or damaged. Inspect the ring for problems. Canon EOS 30 Lens Mount Rings

Lens Assembly Damaged ¶ 

The mount on the lens assembly may be warped or damaged. Inspect the assembly for problems.

AV Port Malfunction ¶ 

AV Port Broken ¶ 

If the AV port does not properly connect to the AV cable, you can remove and replace the AV port. Canon EOS 30 Remote Control Socket Replacement

Internal Component Malfunction ¶ 

An internal component may be disconnected or dysfunctional. The malfunctioning components should be replaced.

Strap Loops Broken ¶ 

If the strap loops do not function properly, you can remove and replace them. Canon EOS 30 Strap Loops Replacement

Viewfinder Obstructed ¶ 

If the image in the viewfinder is dirty or obstructed, you can clean or replace the inner eyepiece. Canon EOS 30 lnner Eyepiece Replacement

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