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Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua Honeywell Pull Station Fire Alarm, use o nosso manual de serviço.

  1. Honeywell Pull Station Fire Alarm Teardown, Testing: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • With it unplugged, set it on a flat surface like a stone.

    • This will make sure your pull station is level, making possible repair easier.

    • Pull down the pull station until there is a yellow tag saying "ACTIVATED." Then proceed to say "beep" 3 times.

    • Try not to pull it too hard and also make sure you do not directly spit into the station.

  2. Honeywell Pull Station Fire Alarm Teardown, Hammering Time!: passo 2, imagem 1 %32 Honeywell Pull Station Fire Alarm Teardown, Hammering Time!: passo 2, imagem 2 %32
    • Proceed to hit the pull station with a hammer also hitting the stone, making sure that the parts inside come out swiftly.

    • Do not try to drag it too much or else scratches will appear.

    • Pull down the station again multiple times to no avail.

    • A possible maneuver is taking a hard blow for the center, aiming your best shot, to literally "explode" the device and cause the parts to go everywhere.

  3. Honeywell Pull Station Fire Alarm Teardown, Center Blow: passo 3, imagem 1 %32
    • With your best shot, take a center blow at the pull station to cause the device to explode and parts to go everywhere.

    • Do it incorrectly and you risk several severe injuries.

  4. Honeywell Pull Station Fire Alarm Teardown, Final Thoughts: passo 4, imagem 1 %32
    • Repairability Score: 1 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair

    • The teardown has several useful parts you can replace.

    • After the hammering and center blow, you have essentially destroyed the device making repair useless.

    • Go buy a new pull station

Gabi Salinas

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instructions unclear, the pull station is now hitting me with a hammer. 0/10 wouldn't recommend to anyone

techtalk11 - Responder

Amazing tear down. I actually wondered what these look like inside. The shards did hit my neighbors dog though.

Corban Bell - Responder

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