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For help with any problem, you may be experiencing with your DeWalt DC970 drill, check out the troubleshooting page

DW9116 charger recall

While this drill has not been subject to a recall, the DW9116 charger has. If you purchase a used drill with the included charger, check the charger to make sure it isn't recalled. DeWalt may not be repairing recalled chargers anymore, so it is possible you may be out of pocket for a new one.

Background and Identification

In 2007 Dewalt introduced its first line of lithium-ion battery cordless tools including the 18-volt line. This drill and has received its fair share of positive reviews across the internet all emphasizing its effectiveness as a home improvement drill.

It is a black and yellow DeWalt 18 volt, ½” chuck, 5.2 pounds cordless drill. It has a 2-inch wood capacity, can bore holes quickly because of the 1500 RPM speed. A major feature is its keyless chuck. Its 2-speed gearbox makes it ideal for many jobs. It is lightweight, compact, and the battery can be fully charged in an hour. The model number Model DC970. This device is very useful for construction or many home repairs.

In addition to the battery, the second most common problem is that the motor burns out, which also happens as the drill becomes older.

Battery issues

The most common problem with the DeWalt DC970 is the battery. As these batteries age, the ability to hold a charge also diminishes. This problem is more prevalent on the original NiCd packs these drills came with. If your batteries are worn out, the best way to get up and running again is to use the DCA1820 and a modern 20V Lithium battery. This will work on most 18V tools, but if you are using it with a DC970, Premium batteries cannot be used with this drill. The charger also must be replaced, as the DCA1820 will not charge 20V packs on the original 18V charger(s).

If you have original NiCd packs, these are typically unrecoverable when they fail. In addition, you must use NiCd cells unless your charger is NiMh compatible. These also lack a BMS, so rebuilding the pack REQUIRES binned cells for a balanced battery. In lieu of a rebuild (or XR NiCd replacements), the 1.5Ah or 2Ah 20V batteries can be used with the DCA1820 as a direct replacement. Both low capacity options exceed the new capacity of the 1.2Ah packs included with the DC970.

Additional Information

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