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A standard cordless compact DeWalt 18V drill with a high performance motor that delivers 380 watts. Equipped with easy to hold design that allows you to work in difficult spaces.

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Are the knockoff NiMh batteries any good?

One of my two DC970 batteries are at the end of it's life (6.9V/~1.01 A) from the original 18V/1.2Ah. My other battery isn’t much better (11.35V/~1.05A), so it’s time to get new batteries. The batteries are bad enough I went to use it and it was struggling with removing a screw.

I am looking at either the DCA2203C 20V kit (~$100) or buying a set of knockoff NiMh batteries (much cheaper) since both of them are pretty much shot. My charger can handle it since I have the 116 and not the 115. My concern is how long will they last compared to the NiCd packs becuase there are almost no vendors making clone NiCd batteries - not that you’d want them.

Has anyone worked with these knockoff batteries and are they worth the money? The high cost of the lithium kit makes it harder to justify piecemeal, but what does make sense is a new drill (~$100) and a DCA1820 ($35) - which will keep the DC970 in service with good batteries. The cheapest set I found that’s 3600mAh for $28 ($14/battery).

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Typically these types of drills are sold with a NiCAD battery. NiMh is basically a newer version of NiCaD which you can replace with because NiMh will usually have a higher capacity and therefore more runtime. If you have a local Batteries Plus Bulbs, they may be able to rebuild the battery and replace all of the cells. They still use NiCaD but they’ll have a higher capacity than OEM.

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I'll have to call and see, but if I remember correctly the one closest does not.


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I still use knock offs from ebay ML:DC9096 they fit they last for about a year and cost around 35 bucks for a pair for my Dewalt DC970

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