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The Flip Ultra HD is a digital video camcorder by Pure Digital/Cisco, discontinued in 2011

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The recording time went from 6o min down to 30 min how do I reset this

My device had a recording of 60 min and it was dropped a couple of times and it now only records up to 30 min how do i fix this?

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Hi @gabrielpettit

Have you checked how many video files are still being stored in the device, you didn't say?

It may be that the recording time is reduced because there's no more storage space left to store a longer time new recording?


Storage is empty no files on it


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Hi @gabrielpettit

Try holding down the Power button for 10 seconds and then release it and check if this resolves the problem.

This procedure resets the device.

If still no good, given that it has been dropped a few times it may be a hardware problem.

Here's the ifixit Flip Ultra HD Teardown guide that may help.

Open the device and check for any obvious component damage e.g. loose, burnt looking etc. If nothing is obvious you may have to use it the way it is as there's no longer any support from the manufacturer and there's no schematic diagrams for the board online, at least none that I can find

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Thanks ill give it a try


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I suspect the flash is worn, especially after years of regular use. What will happen with NAND flash as it "dies" due to wear is it will drop flash cells over time, and once you run out of surplus blocks then it drops capacity time. The way Cisco/Pure Digital did it was they treated it like an "SD card" but soldered it to the board; so essentially, you get the same death behavior: Capacity loss, but it isn't shown outside of recording time. Once they go too far into death, they have a fallback permanent RO state to give you a chance to save what's left. Your SD card is DONE once it occurs, there's no saving it.

Once you lose a massive amount of space on a SD card, it's time to replace it. Likewise the same rule may apply here, but you replace the camera :/. You can try and run it for a bit longer since it doesn't matter once they die this way, but I wouldn't RELY on it to not have a surprise NAND failure. Backup the video every shoot. On a normal SD card, I use it as an excuse to go from the 16GB cards I got on clearance to 32GB+, even 64GB or 128GB.

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