Can't get past Apple Logo and spinning wheel

I've reset the PMU/CMU and PRAM, still have apple logo and spinning wheel.

I got a restore disk, but it was the wrong rev. I think the machine told me what the correct rev was. But I can't get back to that point. How do you Boot the OS from the CD drive?

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To boot any Apple computer equipped with a CD drive from it, press and hold the "c" key at startup. If you're using a Bluetooth keyboard, it may give you some trouble because it hasn't yet connected with the iMac.

Just so you know, though, if your problem is not an issue with the operating system or the hard drive, it may very well be the common GPU problem that plagues the iMac G5s. Have you ever noticed any graphical glitches? Does it ever freeze?


Tommy, could you give a link to this common GPU problem, I'm not aware of it.


LOL Naturally, now that I go to look for a solid link, I can't find one. I'll keep looking Mayer.

Problem is, I have an iMac G5 (ALS) that started freezing up. After so much research, I've discovered that the GPU becomes disconnected from the solder balls and a temporary fix it to reflow the solder. People on the Apple discussions forum told me it was the GPU and after applying pressure to it, I found that it really was. lol

I never got my iMac to work. I ended up removing the GPU completely. Someday, I'll reball it and reinstall it. Hopefully it will work then. :)

I just know that the two common problems which cause these wonderful computers to fail are the notorious exploding capacitors and the GPU desoldering itself. The GPU link is my discussion with other people in the Apple Support community.


HAHA and I just realized that I liked you to my discussion, which reveals my terrible account name. I am "Panther Mail & .Mac". It was a TOTAL mistake so many years ago when I made my account. It can't be changed now, so I'm stuck with it. lol


When I try to reboot I get an error message.

In disk utility mode I see HD logo and I get this message "diskOS 3 I/O Error"

When I try to repair, it runs ok for HFS, Ext Ovl File and Cat File. I then get the following message:

"Invalid Sibling link

Volume Check Failed

Error:The underlying task reported failure on exit

1HFS Volume Check, Volume could not be repaired due to error"

OS 10.4.11 installed

OS 10.4. 3 Boot Disk



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First remove the back and examine the capacitors for leakage and/or swelling. Note the diagnostic lights in the upper middle of the logic board and the reset and power buttons to the left of those (cuda) switches. Plug it in and using something like the tip of a pencil eraser press the buttons and see what the diagnostic lights do and let us know. Thanks

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If the caps are OK and the diagnostic lights are good then replace your hard drive. Here's how: iMac G5 20" Model A1076 Hard Drive Replacement


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If the diagnostic lights are good and there are no bad capacitors,

get a OSX lepoard disk and hold option(or the factory disk), hold option and select "Mac OS X install DVD"

If you do not see your harddrive in disk utility, it may have failed or it is not connected

Check how well connected the HDD is, this will tell you a lot if the harddrive failed, otherwise format the HDD and then install Lepoard and select "customize" and deselect everything else

If you still have trouble, time to replace the HDD

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