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The product is an HS-10DTB2-8GB Android Tablet with a maximum height of 10.1", made for the convenience of using phone applications on a bigger screen display than a smartphone.

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Can't connect to my detachable keyboard

I ‘am trying to use my attachable keyboard and I always get my on screen keyboard which I would like to turn off. Also keep getting a error message that” this USB is not recognizable “does this mean my regular keyboard is deleted if so how do I reinstall it

I have tried so many things to get it and is really messing up my i pad, now also have to tap on letters 3 times on on screen keyboard to enter my password and the narrator keep talking Please help me

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The keyboard may not be making a good connection with the tablet. Try to clean out the ports where the keyboard plugs into the device.

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already did that but guess what I got it working this morning don't know how , I think I really messed up the settings earlier so I hope it stays now or I will be sending you another problem question. But thank you for getting back to me


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