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The fifth model in Lenovo's L4xx series of 14-inch laptops. Released in 2014.

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Won't boot, shows only Lenovo screen

My Lenovo L440 ThinkPad Shows only the Lenovo Title page with “To interrupt normal startup, press Enter” when I turn it on. But pressing Enter does nothing and it will not go any further. Please help!

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I had the same issue with my HP laptop. What’s wrong with your ThinkPad is that your HDD/SSD is broken. These can range from about £15 - £100 ($20 - $130) Depending on how much storage you want, SSD’s are faster but have less storage and cost more, while HDD’s are cheaper, have more storage, but much slower. You’ll also need to install an operating system onto the new HDD/SSD. Windows 10 can be downloaded for free at If you aren’t sure how to install the HDD/SSD or a new operating system, there are plenty of videos on Youtube explaining how.

I hope I’ve been able to help! :)

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