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I really need my photos on my iPhone 6s in about a week, but if I send it to repair it will take 2 weeks. The problem with the phone is that it wont charge, so plugging it into my computer will not work. How do I send those photos through iCloud and over to my PC or iPhone 5s?

It's kind of a hurry


Update (08/09/2017)

I need Photos ASAP, in 2 days. There Is something stuck in the charging hole, something big, that's the reason for why it won't charge. Any tips?

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If your phone wont charge, you either have a dead battery or a defective charge charge circuit on the logic board. If you are in a rush to get the photos, you could try to install a fully charged battery in your phone and do a backup.

If your lucky, this will also fix the defective battery. If the problem is with the charge circuit, then you will have on a few hours to get the backup done.

You can find good quality batteries here and the repair guide here.

iPhone 5s Replacement Battery Imagem


iPhone 5s Replacement Battery


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@ben69 unless you can pull whatever is stuck in there with a pair of tweezers or mosquito forceps there is no way you get this donw is 2 days. You can try to replace the lightning connector by using this guide iPhone 5s Lightning Connector Replacement That will only work if you have the connector available. If you follow the recommendation given by @refectio and replace the battery, your phone may have enough power to access those pictures for download.

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I would add that if the OP wants it done really quickly, they should just go to a reputable shop.


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I actually managed pull out the huge amount of dust without breaking anything, there was some kind of thick paper there. Thanks all tho!

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