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Have your stuff repaired by a real, degreed, electronics technician. Yes, they actually exist! Back in the 80's , you could attend a college and get a 3-year technical degree in "micro-electronics".

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Cumulus Touch IC

How ironic is that? By todays' standard, electronics back in those days was simply enormous. Look (left) at what we have to work with today.

Refectio specializes in micro soldering repairs, data recovery and water damage repairs on iPhone's, iPad's, Mac's & PC's, Flash Drives & USB Drives as well as all types of electronic devices. We've fixed drones, appliance pcb's, security cameras...if your not sure if we can fix it, send us a note!

We accept mail-in repairs from customers worldwide.

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Flux & Heat to Cumulus IC

  • Touch Disease / Pry Damage
  • Long-Screw Damage / FPC connector
  • Backlight / Micro-jumper
  • Water Damage / Data Recovery
  • General troubleshooting

You can read more about our services and start your mail-in repair process via our customized ticketing and customer portal at RefectioRSVP

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