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iPhone 6 reloops, front camera short. I'm confused!

So after replacing the board in an iPhone 6 the phone won't boot up unless front camera is disconnected. The weird thing is even after I disconnect it I have to restore it to get the phone to boot up properly.

Once restored it will work perfectly......until I reconnect the front camera.

Here's the kicker, I've tried 2 more known good cameras and 2 more known good screens along with a new housing.

The phone is acting like there's a short. Also I get error 9 when trying to restore with camera installed. iTunes will only restore with camera disconnected.

Has anyone ran into this before, know a good solution? Thank you.

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Have you inspected the front camera connector pins on the logic board for any sort of damage?


It means you've got a short somewhere in the board that is only activated when that camera is present. Why did you have to replace the board in the first place? And where did you get the logic board from? I'm assuming the original board didn't have this issue with the same Front Facing Camera cable?


Either a buggered up pin on the connector or a filter/fuse in the camera circuit. I've had these kinds of issues before and they are a pain to track down.

OP: How are your micro soldering skills?


Thanks for the replies. I've actually inspected the front camera connector under a microscope, looks perfect. I've cleaned it off as well.

I haven't picked off the overfill to look at any resisters/smaller components. Long story short replaced the touch ic for a customer, worked perfect but he was having camera issues. Turned into replacing the board because of time issues and this arrived like this. No water damage to the board as well.

Josh, have you had success replacing filters relating to this issue?


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Hi ,

This currently happens when the connecter is damaged , shorted or a problem with the CPU or 80% a problem with the camera IC

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