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The Canon EOS 7D was Canon's first high end professional camera with an APS-C crop sensor.

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My flash won't pop up on my EOS 7d

My flash won't pop up on my EOS 7d, any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I have the opposite problem - the pop up won't close - since it was new but hate to part with it to have it looked at


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In the flash shoe on the top of the camera, there is a metal spring plate. Under the plate you will find a white cylandars that goes through the hot shoe (about as thick as a paper clip). When an external flash is pushed onto the shoe, this pin is pushed down and tells the camera there is an external flash in the flash shoe. This disconnects the internal flash. Spillage can cause this pin to stick down. Remove the battery, and then put a little Windex on a clean toothbrush and clean the pinhole. Blow lightly to evaporate. The pin should pop up, but it might take a couple of cleaning attempts.

Another cause could be that sticky liquid spillage has gotten on the pivots for the flash. Once again, cleaned with small amount of Windex on a q-tip may free the pivot. One of the pivots is a screw. Sometimes it is rusted, and needs to have the rust scraped off and then a light coating of grease applied.

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Thanks for this advice. It was exactly what I needed! You rock


Good advice, worked the first time.


Hi I have the same problem. Do you have to remove part of the hotshoe to clean the cylinders?


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Excellent solution! 10 sec and it solved!

Thank you!

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In almost all the canon EOS camera I’ve seen this problem . In almost all cases it is caused by bad care of the camera. A large amount of faults are caused by dirty cameras. Grease from fingers, small amounts os dust and dead skin building up until it failed. The solution above is correct. But care is the problem linked with cleanliness. Not only the specific area and fix above but also the seating area must be clean. This is to often ignored. As is each area on a camera where to surfaces meet such as the lense

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Hi i own a 7d the problem is very likeiy to be in the little pin under the spring on the hot shoe on the right hand side

i have used isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush when it has worked i then use a little crc or wd 40 on the end of a tooth pick to keep the pin from getting stuck again

i hope this helps

Update (03/08/2019)

Hi again

if you are living in new zealand i can give you an address to send your cameras to for repairs its CW Services ltd

62 church street



new zealand —-or

Greg is one of the best techs in nz for canon repairs

I have used him a few times and his costs are very fair

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Please note if you hear a clicking noise while the camera tries to pop-up the flash you may suffer from a sticky hinge!

Gently pull up the flash while pressing the flash pop up button, this should work to open the flash.

Now looking in the pop upped flash compartment you will find two tiny Philips head screws, remove these two screws, towards the hinge you see two openings, gently push there where the two openings are and the flash cover should come of.

Facing the camera from the rear you see a hinge screw and spring. Just carefully loosen the hinge screw and remove the screw.

Clean the screw and clean the hinge housing using a wooden toothpick.

You may use some grease, a minimum amount and fit the hinge screw back.

Some people may suggest to use WD40 or similar, I do not recommend this!

Test the flash popping up and if fine reassemble the flash in reverse order and all should work fine.

Enjoy your Canon 7D, regards Frans

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My camera stopped making the clicking noise, there is no impuls from the flash button. Impossible to open the flash by hand.

What is the problem?:

The release engine is broken?

It has a different battery that expired?

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