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Power within TVs in general has 2 forms (for lack of a better way to describe it).

1) Standby power - This is usually 5V and is there to respond to a remote.  The presence of this is known by a red light that is seen from the front of the TV. If this is not present, a remote won't work and most likely the TV won't turn on at all. (This is what is being reported here.)

2) Running power - This is what is used once the set turns on.  This is triggered either by pressing the power button on the TV or on the remote.  In both cases, the internal "computer" is told to turn on the TV.  Problems with this power supply usually result in the set clicking on and then off, no picture but sound etc.

Since the reported problem here is no red light at all, I would be looking for a more obvious problem with the power supply board.  For example:  a blown fuse, a defective rectifier diode in the standby circuit etc.

Further investigation is required to determine the exact problem.  If you are not comfortable working on electronic devices, seek a professional service shop for help.