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When using fluorescent lighting in wet or very humid areas, it is important to ensure the bulb or ballast is grounded properly. Most modern residential electrical wiring incorporates an electrical ground into the circuitry. Whether using a traditional fluorescent with a ballast or a compact bulb, always ensure the fixture has been installed and grounded properly. Fluorescent bulbs run cooler than incandescents, and water may condense on the exterior of the bulb, presenting a significant shock hazard in an ungrounded fixture.


The prongs on a traditional fluorescent tube are made of metal and are relatively exposed to the surrounding air even when installed in a fixture. Exposing the bulb to moist air will cause these prongs to corrode, reducing the performance and life of the bulb. It is advisable to avoid using fluorescent bulbs in wet or humid areas, opting instead for a sealed incandescent, mercury vapor or LED light source.