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Pioneer Elite PRO-R06U Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Pioneer Elite PRO-R06U.

Device Gets Too Hot

Device casing is uncomfortably hot to the touch, even after short periods of operation.

Dust in Vents or Fans

Excess dust buildup can block airflow and cause the media receiver to overheat. Use a compressed air duster to gently remove dust from the vents and fans.

Broken/Defective Cooling Fan

If one or both cooling fans fails to operate, the media receiver will be unable to properly cool. Identify which fan is defective. If the power supply cooling fan (on the back of the device) is not moving, it may need to be replaced. If the power supply fan is moving but the device still overheats, the secondary fan (located on the optical drive inside) may need to be replaced.

Image is not Clear/Smooth

The image output from the media receiver is often pixelated, pauses frequently, or goes black intermittently.

Poor Wire Connection

Loose or incomplete connections between the cables on the back of the receiver and the television may cause the picture to periodically shut off or have reduced quality. Check that all cables linking the receiver to the television are fully inserted in their proper ports then reboot the device.

Broken/Defective Optical Drive

If the image coming from the receiver is distorted or not displaying, the optical drive may be faulty. If unplugging and replugging in the cables does not yield the desired results, the optical drive may need to be replaced.

Device won't Power on

Media player does not turn on after pressing and holding the power button. No light or sound comes from the device.

Faulty Power Supply Connection

An incomplete connection between the power cable and power port may prevent the device from turning on. Unplug the power cable from the port at the back of the receiver and check for dust or other obstructions. Also ensure that the outlet the media receiver is plugged into is functioning. If the media receiver still does not power on, the power supply board may need to be replaced.

Broken/Defective Motherboard

If the media receiver has been dropped, has suffered water damage, or has short circuited, the main motherboard may become faulty and prevent the device from powering on. A replacement motherboard may be necessary to fix the receiver.

Buttons do not Work

The media receiver does not respond to the button controls on the front of the device (excluding the power button).

Issue with Code has Caused Receiver to Freeze

If the media receiver is unresponsive to the front panel button controls, an internal error could have caused the device to freeze or get stuck. To remedy this, power the receiver off and let rest for a moment before powering back on. A reboot should clear the issue from the device's memory and allow it to run smoothly.

Broken/Defective Control Panel

The buttons at the front of the receiver are connected to their own circuit panel; An unresponsive or non-functioning button may be caused by a problem with this front control panel. If the buttons do not work after turning the device off and back on, the control panel may need to be replaced.

Device Powers off Spontaneously

During use, the device turns itself off without input from the user.

Broken/Defective Cooling Fan

If the media receiver suddenly powers off, hold your hand near the top and sides to check if the device has become hot. If the temperature of the receiver is notably high, the device may be overheating and shutting down to prevent damaging its components. See the section titled "Device Gets Too Hot" for further troubleshooting.

Broken/Defective Motherboard

If the media receiver is not overheating and is still shutting down spontaneously, there may be a faulty or improper connection in the motherboard. A replacement motherboard may be necessary for the receiver to properly function.

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